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Snake! an HTML5 game for iPhone & Android

This is my first HTML5 game for mobile phones. Snake! is an updated version of the classic Nokia game from the 90’s (yes I know the game is technically older than that but Nokia is the company that made it famous). This version uses swipes to move the snake and can be installed as an app on your home screen.

Its built using the latest web technologies including CSS3, HTML5 canvas & offline caching, Javascript, Google @Font-face and jQuery touch events. The web app is designed to work the best on a modern touch phone but it will also work on tablets and a regular computer (use the arrow keys). Bellow are some screen shots of the game and link. Future improvements will include audio and game speed settings but for now just go to the site and Enjoy!

Snake! Game

The source code is now hosted on github so if you want to see how this was created or want to submit improvements you can.

Source Code

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