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Learn how to drag, drop & chart a file using HTML5

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This is going to be an in depth tutorial teaching you how to build a complex web application using html5, CSS3 and Javascript. It is geared towards people with an intermediate level of experience with web technology and should take 2-3 hours to complete. The end goal is to get a webpage where a user can drag and drop a csv file onto it and the page reads the contents of the file, loads it into a chart and prints the chart onto the page. Click the button above to download all required libraries including Modernizr for detecting browser support, highcharts for creating graphs, normalize […]

Snake! an HTML5 game for iPhone & Android


This is my first HTML5 game for mobile phones. Snake! is an updated version of the classic Nokia game from the 90’s

Jquery & CSS3 Accordion Tutorial


An accordion menu is an effective way to fit more content onto your website without taking up all your available space. In this beginners tutorial you will learn how to make a stylish and feature rich accordion menu from scratch.